Pug Cross Breeds: Which Mix Is The Most Suitable For You?

Are you a dedicated pug lover that is looking for something slightly different? Perhaps you’re not able to get your hands on a purebred, or simply aren’t compatible with one for one reason or another. The good news is that there are many popular pug cross breeds out there as viable pet options.

The most popular pug cross breeds include Chugs (Chihuahua), Pugabulls (American Pitbull), Buggs (Boston Terrier), Pugaliers (Cavaliers), and the Puginese (Pekingese). One advantage to owning a mixed breed is that they are less predisposed to genetic health problems when compared to purebreds.

While these pug crosses are the most popular, each mixed breed has their own unique set of characteristics. Usually, these dogs will take traits from both sets of genes to make a completely different breed altogether. Whether that’s advantageous or not, it will be important to review in order to determine how suitable each of these crosses are for you.

1. Chug (Chihuahua Mix)

Chugs are a mixed dog breed that are crossed between pugs and Chihuahuas. They are playful, small, and adorable. They inherit the best traits from both of their loving, compact parents to create the perfect crossbreed that’s extremely popular among dog lovers.

They are known by several names, including Pugwagwa, pughuahua, and Chihuahua-pug mix. Most people label them as designer dogs, which are easy to care for and obtain. Despite their small stature, chugs have huge personalities. They think of themselves as big dogs and act accordingly. Thus, if you’re looking to get yourself a chug, then it would be safe to say that you’ll need to be ready for an energetic dog that will require lots of attention.

Their energetic personality makes them great family companions; however, it would be best if you didn’t leave them unsupervised in the presence of younger children. Chugs are quite intelligent and easy to train. However, they can be quite territorial when feeling tense or excited, which is displayed through howling and barking. Thankfully, with some training, you could keep them from becoming territorial and even eliminate their tendency to snap.

CharacteristicsAdaptabilityHealth & GroomingPhysical Needs
Height: 10-14 inchesCan adapt to living in an apartmentSlightly prone to obesity (exercise them regularly)They are more than moderately playful
Weight: 10-20 lbsGreat for novice dog ownersModerately heavy sheddersVery energetic
Lifespan: 10-13 yearsCan tolerate being aloneMinimal droolingAverage exercise needs
Size: smallAverage tolerance cold and hot weatherGood general health
Moderately sensitiveEasy to groom

2. Pugabull (American Pitbull Mix)

The American Pugabull is a crossbreed between a pug and an American bulldog. They are of medium size, known to be loyal, alert, and their pups inherit some of the best qualities from both parents. They are also referred to as bull pugs, and are popularly categorized as a designer breed. They are great with big families and can make exceptional apartment dogs for people that live in an active urban setting.

They are playful, loyal, and extremely protective of their family members. Pugabulls will not hesitate to howl, bark, and put themselves in front of danger if they sense a threat. However, it’s recommended that owners socialize them early on in life in order to prevent them from acting aggressively towards everyone.

This pug mixed breed comes in various color blends, including black, white, red, brown, cream, and more. They rarely come in one single color. While they are generally healthier than purebreds, pugabulls may be affected by common genetic issues that affect both pugs and American bulldogs. Thus, it would be a good idea to ensure that you take them to regular vet checkups as a precaution.

CharacteristicsAdaptabilityHealth & GroomingPhysical Needs
Height: 12-20 inchesAverage adaptability to living in an apartmentAverage potential for weight gainHighly playful
Weight: 25-70 lbsMore difficult for novice dog ownersAverage amount of sheddingVery energetic
Lifespan: 12-14 yearsLow tolerance to being aloneAverage potential for droolingAverage exercise needs
Size: mediumLow tolerance to cold weatherLess than average general healthAverage trainability
Average tolerance to warm weatherRelatively easy to groomAverage intelligence
Higher than average sensitivityHigh prey drive

3. Puginese (Pekingese Mix)

The puginese is a crossbreed between a Pekinese and a pug. They are affectionate, independent, and sensitive dogs. Often, people also refer to them as a Pugapeke and Pekeapug. Their suitability extends to many different types of people including apartment dwellers, seniors, and families with children.

This pug mix can be slightly skittish, and do much better in calmer environments. They aren’t precisely yappy, but they are known to be a bit territorial, so expect them to bark at strangers. This breed prefer to stay indoors, which makes them great as watchdogs. If you want a small dog with a great personality, this could be a fantastic option for you.

The dog comes in various colors, including brown, cream, gray, brindle, or black. Their colors are often solid, but some can be blended. They aren’t the best choice for allergic dog owners because they shed moderately, especially in summer. You’ll also need to brush their coat once a week.

They have medium energy levels but are prone to weight gain. Other health issues that they suffer from include allergies, luxating patella, heart problems, epilepsy, and diabetes. Thus, it would be good to take them for lots of walks and ensure that enough exercise is given. Despite being fairly healthy overall, it’s still recommended that this mixed breed gets regular checkups at the vet.

CharacteristicsAdaptabilityHealth & GroomingPhysical Needs
Height: 6-14 inchesHighly adaptable to apartment livingHigh potential for weight gainFairly playful
Weight: 7-18 lbsAverage suitability for novice dog ownersAverage sheddersAverage energy levels
Lifespan: 12-14 yearsFine to be left aloneMinimal droolingAverage exercise needs
Size: smallAverage tolerance to cold weatherAverage general healthHard to train
Low tolerance to warm weatherRelatively easy to groomLow intelligence
Highly sensitivity

4. Bugg (Boston Terrier Mix)

Buggs are affectionate, intelligent, and spunky dogs. They are crossed between Boston terriers and Pugs, and sometimes also referred to as Pugins or Boston Terrier Pugs. They require minimal exercise compared to larger breeds, which makes them perfect for first-time dog owners and seniors. Buggs are also great for apartment dwellers since they don’t need much space.

This is breed that is playful, intelligent, and love being the centre of attention; thus making them great for families. They also do really well with children. If you’re after a dependable companion dog that will stick by your side, then consider getting a bugg!

Buggs can come in both solid and blended colors that are usually comprised of black, brown, and white. Some of them may even inherit the Boston terrier’s trademark Tux. They have short coats that make them a better choice for dog owners with allergies; however, they aren’t completely hypoallergenic since they tend to shed a bit.

One drawback is that they can gain weight quite easily. In order to prevent obesity and related diseases, we recommend exercising them for 30-60 minutes daily. Veterinarian check ups are also very important, as they can be prone to health issues such as patellar luxation, eye problems, and brachycephalic syndrome.

CharacteristicsAdaptabilityHealth & GroomingPhysical Needs
Height: 14-18 inchesHighly adaptable to apartment livingHigh potential for weight gainFairly playful
Weight: 10-20 lbsGreat for first time dog ownersLow sheddersHighly energetic
Lifespan: 10-15 yearsLow tolerance to being aloneMinimal droolingAverage exercise needs
Size: smallLow tolerance to cold weatherGenerally healthyAverage trainability
Average tolerance to warm weatherEasy to groomHigher than average intelligence
Average sensitivityAverage prey drive

5. Pugalier (Cavalier Mix)

Pugaliers are a mix between cavaliers and pugs. They come in different colors including brown, black, apricot, white, gray, ruby, tan, black, and tricolor. Their coats could either be solid or blended with colors, and are thankfully easy to groom. If they have inherited the cavalier’s coat, they will only need to be brushed once every week or so.

Pugaliers make amazing companions for individuals and families. Their size allows them to be comfortable in any sized apartment, as long as you shower them with enough affection. If your pugalier inherits skin folds from their pug parent, it’s imperative that the folds are kept clean and dry to avoid bacterial infections.

While they do well with children, it’s crucial that play session between a pugalier and kids are supervised. That’s because they can be delicate, and the potential for injury can be high when children get overexcited or play too rough. Regular exercise is also advised to prevent weight gain and obesity related diseases.

The Pugalier is predisposed to some common ailments that affect cavaliers and pugs. Thus, it would be wise to take them for regular vet checkups as there is proneness to heart conditions, hip dysplasia, dry eyes, and patellar luxation.

CharacteristicsAdaptabilityHealth & GroomingPhysical Needs
Height: 10-14 inchesHighly adaptable to apartment livingHigh potential for weight gainHighly playful
Weight: 10-20 lbsGreat for first time dog ownersAverage sheddersAverage energy levels
Lifespan: 12-15 yearsLow tolerance to being aloneMinimal droolingAverage exercise needs
Size: smallLow tolerance to cold weatherAverage general healthEasy to train
Low tolerance to warm weatherRelatively easy to groomAverage intelligence
Highly sensitivityAverage prey drive

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